Short Stories
Tampa Bay Noir

by Colette Bancroft, ed.
Akashic, August 2020, $16.95

Tampa Bay Noir, edited by Colette Bancroft, has a contributor list that includes a handful of bestselling crime novelists, but more importantly, the stories are pretty excellent, too. Michael Connelly contributes a Hieronymus Bosch story, “The Guardian,” that brings Harry from the west coast to Tampa’s suburbs. Harry is lured east when a former lover asks him to find a stolen painting. The tale starts slowly, but it burns swift and true into the climax.

Tim Dorsey’s humor and storytelling savvy are on display in “Triggerfish Lane.” A story of immigration—from Indiana to Florida—that features oddball neighbors, crime, and a view of how wacky and appealing Florida is as a fictional setting. “Only You,” by Lisa Unger, is a bleak and atmospheric story about belonging, desire, and loss. There are also stories by Ace Atkins, Lori Roy, Sarah Gerard, and Gale Massey.

Ben Boulden
Teri Duerr
Bancroft, ed.
August 2020