Jay Roberts

Resurrection Walk 
by Michael Connelly
Little, Brown and Company, November 2023, $30

As author Michael Connelly's latest novel Resurrection Walk opens, attorney Mickey Haller is on hand for the release of one of his clients, a man wrongly convicted of murder, but successfully exonerated by the Lincoln Lawyer.

Haller's success leads to his office being inundated with letters from people who claim they, too, were wrongly accused, and pleading for the lawyer's help. Haller hires his half-brother, Harry Bosch, to help wade through the stacks of mail. Most of the claims are set aside, but when Bosch comes across a letter from Lucinda Sanz, he is intrigued enough to bring it to Haller's attention.

Sanz pleaded no contest to killing her husband, a Sheriff's deputy, but has always maintained she her innocence, even while taking the plea on the recommendation of her second-string lawyer. As Bosch and Haller begin to look into the matter, a case fraught with a number of landmines (a murdered deputy and a DA's office unwilling to reopen the case), it quickly becomes clear that Sanz may indeed be innocent.

The path to justice for Lucinda isn't an easy one, though. Haller, Bosch, and the rest of their team will have to fight their way past a string of betrayals, a long and documented history of corruption, a hard-nosed judge, and a legal system that is stacked against their client. In order for truth to win out and Lucinda to receive true justice, Haller will have to expose a coverup that swallowed up his client and puts him in danger.

Author Connelly is a superb crime fiction writer and Resurrection Walk is just the latest in a long line of books that serve that reputation. From the investigation before the court case begins to a series of legal confrontations that displays Connelly's deft ability to pack in plenty of legalese without bogging down the book's pacing, there's plenty of gut-wrenching intensity that will have readers on the edge of their seats. Readers also get a very real sense of the motivations of everyone in the story, however briefly they are woven into the plot. Resurrection Walk is one of the more compelling and involving legal thrillers of the year.