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Sujata Massey

Massey’s own family background and copious amounts of detailed research enhance her Perveen Mistry novels set in 1920s India.
by Oline H. Cogdill

The Lockridges

Meet the husband-and-wife writing duo that created the charming Mr. and Mrs. North mysteries.
by Michael Mallory

Perilous Puzzles

by Maya Corrigan

Stephen Mack Jones

Jones’ new August Snow mystery boasts the tagline: “Gentrification has never been bloodier.”
by John B. Valeri

My Book: Death Grip

From her first words to last call, Elaine Viets has had a lifelong interest in dive bars.
by Elaine Viets

The Many Faces of Moriarty

The criminal mastermind is, as Sherlock says, “the organiser of half that is evil and of nearly all that is undetected in [London]...”
by Tom Mead

Caroline Kepnes

Joe Goldberg, a suave yet terrifying stalker, slips his way into our hearts and minds.
by John B. Valeri

John Collier: Fact & Fancy

This idiosyncratically talented author is regularly “rediscovered.” The mystery is why he’s ever forgotten in the first place.
by Joseph Goodrich

Margaret Maron (1938—2021)

In addition to her own influential and award-winning work, Maron was instrumental in developing the careers of many authors.
by Oline H. Cogdill

Will Dean

From an isolated cabin in a boggy Swedish forest, Dean conjures an intense standalone full of claustrophobia and creepiness.
by Craig Sisterson

My Book: Time’s Relative

A rediscovered manuscript from 23 years ago leads to a new time travel adventure.
by Debbie De Louise

Helen Eustis: The Horizontal Man

This influential book put an academic setting to splendid use.
by Ben Welton

Capital Crimes Crossword

by Verna Suit



At the Scene

by Kate Stine

Mystery Miscellany

by Louis Phillips

Hints & Allegations

The 2021 Edgar Allan Poe Awards, 2021 International Thriller Award nominations


Small Press Reviews: Covering the Independents

by Katrina Niidas Holm

Very Original: Paperback Originals Reviewed

by Hank Wagner and Robin Agnew

Sounds of Suspense: Audiobooks Reviewed

by Dick Lochte

What About Murder? Reference Books Reviewed

by Jon L. Breen

Short and Sweet: Short Stories Considered

by Ben Boulden

Mystery Scene Reviews



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