Thriller, romantic suspense, PI, cozy, noir—the award-winning Mystery Scene covers it all.

Mystery Scene suspended print publication with its 2022 Winter Issue #174 but many back issues for the past 20 years are still available.

Every back issue is packed with entertaining articles, informative reviews, and fascinating interviews with both famous writers and emerging talents.

Our award-winning critics will clue you in to hundreds of interesting books, TV shows, films, short fiction, reference works, and more, in every issue.

Throw in contests, jokes, quotes, and anecdotes and we think you'll find that Mystery Scene is your essential partner in crime.


"Exceptional reviews of genre-related audiobooks, novels, short story collections, and movies... its feature articles lend the publication more heft than the traditional book review journal. Highly recommended."

—Library Journal

"Mystery Scene consistently provides something available nowhere else--a true inside look at the whole world of crime fiction."

—Lawrence Block

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