The Wild Hog Murders

by Bill Crider
Minotaur Books, July 2011, $24.99

The feral hogs in Clearview, Texas, are causing all kinds of havoc, much to the chagrin of Sheriff Dan Rhodes, but there is no way he can blame the pigs for the two murders that occur. Wild hog hunting is legal, but very dangerous, so it is no surprise when a couple of bodies are discovered after a hunt. The problem is both victims were shot and, well, that isn’t the usual modus operandi for pigs who prefer to just gore and trample their victims to death.

If you are familiar with the ongoing Dan Rhodes series, than you know you are in for a puzzling mystery (always logically solved), an interesting, small-town Texas setting, offbeat characters, and many a smile at the author’s subtle humor. For instance, can anyone resist the back and forth, Abbott and Costello-style repartee of Rhodes’ two deputies, Lawton and Hack? They may frustrate the Sheriff but they delight the reader.

This time around the cast includes a couple of motorcycle thugs (with whom Rhodes has had previous run-ins), a loudmouth radio talk show host, a bounty hunter—oops sorry, a “Fugitive Recovery Agent” as he prefers to be known, and an animal lover and her son who, in an effort to save the hogs use rock salt loaded rifles to discourage hunters. These and all the regulars of Clearview make this book the perfect leisure-time read. Start with any of the 17 other Dan Rhodes books and you’re sure to end up reading them all.

Bob Smith

crider_wildhogmurdersFeral hogs are causing havoc for Texas Sheriff Dan Rhodes, but he can't blame the pigs for murder.

Teri Duerr

by Bill Crider
Minotaur Books, July 2011, $24.99

July 2011
Minotaur Books