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Robert Crais: The Dudes Abide

With Elvis Cole, Joe Pike, and a large cast of continuing characters, Crais has created a world—and a new way to tell us about it.
by Kevin Burton Smith

Jill Paton Walsh: As Wimsey Takes Her

Walsh continues the adventures of Dorothy L. Sayers’ Lord Peter Wimsey, this time in a 1952 murder investigation that has its roots in Wimsey’s very first case 30 years before.
by Lynn Kaczmarek

Deadline! Journalists in Crime Films

Like detectives, journalists are often involved in ferreting out the truth and exposing wrong-doers—sometimes with cataclysmic results, as in the Watergate scandal.
by Art Taylor

The Murders in Memory Lane: Evan Hunter, Part I

Over his 60-year career, Hunter (aka Ed McBain) turned out an extraordinary volume of work, and never lost his enthusiasm for it.
by Lawrence Block

Bawdy Bibliophiles

There’s only one thing these folks like more than books...
by Stephen J. Gertz

Steve Hockensmith: Holmes on the Range

Big Red and Old Red Amlingmeyer, cowboy brothers turned sleuths.
by Cheryl Solimini

Killer Covers

These book jackets do justice to the excellent stories they promote.
by J. Kingston Pierce

What’s Happening With... K.J. Erickson

by Brian Skupin


At the Scene

by Kate Stine

Mystery Miscellany

by Louis Phillips

Hints & Allegations

2011 Edgar Award nominations, 2011 Dilys Award nominations, Lawrence Block on Reading Agatha Christie; CWA Diamond Dagger to Lindsey Davis.

The Hook

First Lines That Caught Our Attention


The Best Damn Private Eye on TV? Kalinda Sharma on The Good Wife.
Kevin Burton Smith

Writing Life: Gormania

Forgotten Book: Wild Night by L.J. Washburn, Margaret Millar, Vin Packer
by Ed Gorman

New Books

Deadly Research
by Beth Groundwater

Gertrude Stein & Ernest Hemingway, Mystery Fans
by Craig McDonald

Moments of Weakness
by Simon Wood


Small Press Reviews: Covering the Independents

by Betty Webb

Very Original: Paperback Originals Reviewed

by Lynne Maxwell

Short & Sweet: Short Stories Considered

by Bill Crider

What About Murder? Reference Books Reviewed

by Jon L. Breen

Sounds of Suspense: Audiobooks Reviewed

by Dick Lochte

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