159 Spring cover, Steve Berry


Steve Berry

This author has built a career exploring historical fact through the lens of fiction.
by John B. Valeri

The Dos, Don’ts & Detections of Father Knox

A Catholic priest turned author and creator of the “Ten Commandments of Mystery Fiction.”
by Michael Mallory

Dogged Pursuits

Canines in crime fiction.
by Oline H. Cogdill

Lucy Burdette

Locales vary, but all of this writer’s books have a strong interest in human psychology.
by John B. Valeri

Vital Verdicts

A roundup of recent legal thrillers.
by Jon L. Breen

J.P. Pomare

This Māori author has one of the most anticipated thrillers of the season.
by Craig Sisterson

The Hypnotic Allure of Nightmare Alley

This 1947 movie is an unsettling tale of one man’s calamitous downfall.
by Pat H. Broeske

Robert Dugoni

Studying law taught this author to think linearly and problem-solve.
by John B. Valeri

The Hook

First lines that caught our attention.

My Book: Desert Redemption

by Betty Webb

My Book: West of Famous

by Joni M. Fisher

My Book: The Body in the Wake

by Katherine Hall Page

My Book: Stolen Light

by Claudia Riess

My Book: The Blood Runs Cold

by Catherine Maiorisi

“Independent People” Crossword

by Verna Suit


At the Scene

by Kate Stine

Mystery Miscellany

by Louis Phillips

Hints & Allegations

The 2019 Agatha Award nominees,

Audie Awards, Sue Grafton Memorial

Award nominees, 2019 Diamond Dagger.


Small Press Reviews: Covering the Independents

by Betty Webb

Very Original: Paperback Originals Reviewed

by Hank Wagner and Robin Agnew

Sounds of Suspense: Audiobooks Reviewed

by Dick Lochte

What About Murder? Reference Books Reviewed

by Jon L. Breen

Short and Sweet: Short Stories Considered

by Ben Boulden

Mystery Scene Reviews


The Docket


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