161 Fall Cover, Ruth Ware


Ruth Ware

The wildly successful author believes that, much like her characters, we are all unreliable narrators at heart.
by John B. Valeri

Bulldog Drummond: Hero for the Century at 100

Between the end of WWI and the start of WWII, no fictional detective was more visible—not even Sherlock.
by Michael Mallory

Fresh Blood: Six Great New Books by Writers to Watch

A wide-ranging and exciting selection of new books and upcoming writers
by Oline H. Cogdill

Steve Cavanagh: Beyond Reasonable Self-Doubt

A former bouncer and lawyer has one of the buzziest thrillers of the season in Thirteen.
by Craig Sisterson

Found in Translation

There are untold treasures locked away in foreign language books—these experts release them.
by Craig Sisterson

My Book: The Botticelli Caper

Posing as an art thief at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence.
by Sarah Wisseman

My Book: Fiddling with Fate

Crime in southwest Norway
by Kathleen Ernst

My Book: Me Too Short Stories

Crimes against women, tales of retribution and healing
by Elizabeth Zelvin

My Book: When Blood Runs Cold

A journalist and a jewel thief in contemporary London
by Daniella Bernett

Stuart Palmer Meets Grouch Marx

A mystery writer visits the classic TV game show You Bet Your Life.
by Arthur Vidro

Alex Segura

The fifth—and possibly last— Pete Fernandez novel is here.
by John B. Valeri

The Hook

First lines that caught our attention.

“Deep in the Heart” Crossword

by Verna Suit


At the Scene

by Kate Stine

Mystery Miscellany

by Louis Phillips

Hints & Allegations

The 2019 Thriller, Lambda, Derringer and Arthur Ellis Award winners


Small Press Reviews: Covering the Independents

by Betty Webb

Very Original: Paperback Originals Reviewed

by Hank Wagner and Robin Agnew

Sounds of Suspense: Audiobooks Reviewed

by Dick Lochte

What About Murder? Reference Books Reviewed

by Jon L. Breen

Short and Sweet: Short Stories Considered

by Ben Boulden

Mystery Scene Reviews


The Docket


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