No Plan B

by Andrew Child
Delacorte Press, October 2022, $28.99

Want some advice? Don’t push a woman under a bus in front of former army MP Jack Reacher and think you’ll get away with it.

When the local Colorado police rule the death a suicide, Reacher steps in to do what’s right. The dead woman worked for Minerva Correction Facility, a privately run prison in Winson, Mississippi. An envelope in her purse with a name, date, and time noted has mysteriously disappeared. Phony emails from the dead woman’s computer lead to a fellow employee, Sam Roth, also recently deceased. Coincidence? You know it isn’t, and so does Reacher.

Reacher arrives in Gerrardsville, Colorado, on Monday to view a Civil War exhibition on Union battle tactics. By Tuesday someone’s trying to kill him. On Wednesday, he teams up with Hannah, Sam’s determined ex-wife, and they head to Minerva. There is a lot of mileage between Colorado and Mississippi and the bad guys are stationed at multiple points along the way with only one purpose—to stop Reacher from getting to the prison.

Meanwhile, two other people are on the same trajectory. One is Jed Starmer, a 15- year-old foster care runaway from L.A. also traveling to Mississippi. He hopes to meet his birth father, Anton Begovic, who is scheduled for release from Minerva prison. The other is a truly sadistic father seeking revenge for his son’s death from illegal drugs. Over five days all three plotlines converge in this lightning- paced third book, No Plan B, by brothers Lee and Andrew Child, the 27th in the Reacher series.

Eileen Brady
Teri Duerr
October 2022
Delacorte Press