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Mystery Scene Back Issue #122, Holiday 2011 (Canada)

Mystery Scene Back Issue #122, Holiday 2011 (Canada)
  • "And Justice for All": A brief on current legal thrillers, by Jon L. Breen
  • "Livia J. Washburn" by Brett Weiss
  • "Garrow’s Law": A fascinating TV series about the 18th-century barrister, by Jon L. Breen
  • "Stephen Hunter" by Oline H. Cogdill
  • "Gifts for Mystery Lovers" by Kevin Burton Smith
  • "Marcia Muller": On being friends with your PI, by Oline H. Cogdill
  • "John C. Boland": What if evolution presented mankind with present-day competition? by Jon L. Breen
  • "Protecting Your Book Collection" by Nate Pedersen
  • "The Murders in Memory Lane: Scott Meredith, Part II" by Lawrence Block
  • "What’s Happening with Peter Bowen?" A chat with the author of the Gabriel Du Pré mysteries, by Brian Skupin
  • "At the Scene" by Kate Stine
  • "Mystery Miscellany" by Louis Phillips
  • "Hints & Allegations": Anthony Awards, Shamus Awards, Ned Kelly Awards, CWA Daggers, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Fashion
  • "Gormania": Zero Cool by John Lange, Mike Resnick, by Ed Gorman
  • "The Hook: First Lines That Caught Our Attention"
  • "A Season for Murder" crossword, by Verna Suit
  • New Books "When Worlds Collide" by Margaret Maron
  • New Books "Who Defines Normal?" by Dennis Palumbo
  • New Books "Desperate Housedogs" by Sparkle Abbey
  • New Books "Chasing History" by Mary Fremont Schoenecker
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