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Something fun, something thrilling, something silly - something for everyone this season. Mystery Scene picks some of our favorite books for the summer months.


The Shining Girls
by Lauren Beukes
Mulholland Books, June 2013, $25.99

It’s hard to classify The Shining Girls: part time-traveling adventure, part serial-killer drama, part victim-empowerment story. It follows the trail of Harper Curtis, a murderer who travels through time to kill the “shining girls,” bright, young women who excel in their respective eras. Among them are Jeanette, a dancing girl in the 1930s, Zora, a “colored” female welder working during WWII, and Kirby, a college student in 1989. When Kirby lives through Harper’s vicious attack, she turns the tables and begins tracking him. (Read the full review.)