Oline Cogdill

What do you get when you put together Ridley Pearson, Jacqueline Winspear, Patricia Smiley, James O. Born, Paul Levine, (left) and Cornelia Reed?

You get a highly entertaining blog called NakedAuthors.com in which each author had his or her own day to post and used that forum to write some unexpected musings.

How unexpected?

Born once wrote about Susan Boyle, when she was first on Britain’s Got Talent. Winspear tackled body scanners at the airport. Reed wrote about beauty tips from Doris Day that lead to her discussion about "odd little lines and giblets from books" she'd read.

The blog's subtitle—The Naked Truth About Literature & Life—made a lot of sense.

These naked authors had fun with the blog and seemed to love going off in tangents. And while at first it seemed odd to have authors who write such different books blogging together, it made sense in the context of the genre. After all, most mystery writers love diversity in stories and authors.

But in March 2010, the naked authors called it quits.

Too much to do—books to write, personal duties to take care of, and, of course, that general excuse, life itself.

But now they are back.

Three years after calling a halt, the naked authors are getting the band back together and hitting the road. Or, just writing
together again.

And I, for one, am glad to see this blog again.