Author Topic: Do you have a favorite book/author/movie most people haven't heard of?  (Read 6713 times)

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I go through periods of reading mainly new releases, and then I'll spend a month or two digging into vintage mysteries. While on one of my vintage binges, I came across THE LIST OF ADRIAN MESSENGER by Philip MacDonald. I think he's better known for THE RASP which I thought was okay. I love THE LIST OF ADRIAN MESSENGER and reread it periodically. There is a movie loosely - VERY loosely - based on the book. If I'd known about the movie first, I would never have considered reading the book. The movie was packed with cameos from famous people like Frank Sinatra, but I thought it was atrocious. If someone out there saw it and liked it, well, everybody is different.

Anyway, I've brought up the interesting premise of this book with mystery-loving friends on occasion, and no one had heard of it.

And, speaking of interesting premises, there's an old movie called THE WRONG BOX that is sort of mystery with a touch of slapstick. One word can solve the mystery and explain the plot, but I'm not going to say it. Do any of you remember this movie?