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SIGN OFF by Patricia McLinn
« on: October 26, 2020, 02:40:45 pm »
I just started SIGN OFF, the first in Patricia McLinn's CAUGHT DEAD IN WYOMING series. I read her romance novels years ago and was intrigued because they were set in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago, where I lived back then, and the books mentioned familiar places and things like Marshall Field & Company.

I met Patricia in Cincinnati, at Lori Foster's Reader Author Get Together. Lots of authors attended those - romance, paranormal, sci-fi and mystery authors. It was a relatively small gathering so a fun place to meet and hang out with authors.

In recent years, Patricia McLinn started writing mysteries. I'm enjoying these cozy-ish mysteries.

Finalist for EPIC Mystery eBook award

They exiled her to a town with more cattle than people and where the best investigative journalism is done by an observant grocery store clerk. But now there’s a killer on the loose…

Top network news journalist Elizabeth “E.M.” Danniher committed two major mistakes—she didn’t stay young, and she made an enemy of a powerful network executive—her ex-husband. So now she’s working out her big-city broadcast contract in rugged Sherman, Wyoming. She used to break national news. Now she’s the Helping Out consumer affairs reporter for tiny KWMT-TV. Her hard-hitting stories? Helping a senior citizen get a refund for a defective toaster and uncovering a travel scam. But Elizabeth won’t fade to black without a fight. Tough, funny and determined, she wrestles with her evolving self-image, the challenges of keeping her professional edge, her sudden isolation and the fear of never being in the spotlight again. Can she make Wyoming—the land of cattle, cowboys, tumbleweeds and less than six people per square mile—home, or is her first stop on the road to obscurity?

She doesn’t have much time to dwell on her fall from grace. Soon she’s in a battle of wills with an ex-football player turned journalist, who sees her as a handy rung on his ladder to fame. And then there’s the matter of a missing deputy sheriff—was he murdered? E.M. finds herself investigating the case at the insistence of a little girl who’s set on proving that her enigmatic father had nothing to do with the crime.