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Issue #165 - 2020
« on: October 23, 2020, 04:00:05 pm »
I've never read anything by Camilla Lackberg - yet - but, as always, Mystery Scene has made my book wish list grow even more with this issue. To be clear, I'd never judge an author by their looks. Camilla Lackberg's cover photo, though, would have definitely drawn me to the magazine if I came across it in a bookstore instead of in my mailbox. Her eyes are hypnotic!

I was excited to see an article about Emma Lathen, who I've been rediscovering through old copies of her books. (Most are on Kindle, too.) I was very interested in "Raymond Chandler and the Brasher Doubloon," and I also flipped to Hank Phillippi Ryan's Mary Higgins Clark Roundtable first thing. It was fun to see Hallie Ephron, Lori Rader-Day and Catriona McPherson there - and to meet S.J. Bolton and Carol Goodman.

I always make a note of books that are advertised in Mystery Scene. My parents would both have loved MYSTERY WITH A SPLASH OF BOURBON. I may get a copy and think of them when I read it.

I was pleased to see lists of 2020 Award Winners, and even more pleased to see I've actually read some of them. There are many I haven't read, of course, and so the Wish List grows...and grows.

I have read a couple of John Land's books, but not lately. I'm almost positive I ready Jenny Milchman's COVER OF SNOW, too, but it was several years ago. I could do with a re-read.

I knew I'd be in trouble when I saw "6 New Writers to Watch" because I tend to read new books by authors I've been reading for awhile. This year I've started reading several authors who were new to me - thanks to Mystery Scene and the recommendations of you all and other mystery-loving friends. But, as I guessed, the featured 6 New Writers are all new to me. Wish List, plus six.

And then I have to add those intriguing small press books, and the wish list - just from this issue - slides into double digits. One book will have to wait for the library to reopen - or else it will be a good hint for Christmas, since it's beyong my budget: TRUE CRIME PARALLELS TO THE MYSTERIES OF AGATHA CHRISTIE by Anne Powers.

I LOVE the Short and Sweet feature about short stories - I have a LOT of short story collections on my shelves. It's always fun to find a few more. The most recent one I read was Sara Paretsky's awesome LOVE AND OTHER CRIMES.

I seem to read a lot of books published by Poisoned Pen Press. After checking out the ad on the inside back cover, I just added four more books to the ever-growing wish list.


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Re: Issue #165 - 2020
« Reply #1 on: December 11, 2020, 12:15:38 am »
I was very interested in Emma Lathen's story. I like her books but didn't know anything about the author.