Author Topic: ALL THE DEVILS ARE HERE by Louise Penny  (Read 1722 times)

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« on: September 18, 2020, 06:28:10 pm »
Wow! This is book 16 and it's one of my favorites! There are plenty of twists in this mystery, but it's also got a lot of heart. The author actually brought me to tears in two scenes, and that hardly ever happens! I love Three Pines, but I also enjoyed the change of scene. I haven't been to Paris in decades but this book made me want to go back for a visit.

ALL THE DEVILS ARE HERE is getting rave reviews, like these:

I'm not sure I'd agree with the reviewer on one point. This book is the culmination of a lot of things leading up to it, and if you jump in here without knowing about the challenges that faced the characters en route to this destination, you won't appreciate some of the really meaningful scenes.