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Welcome and General Discussion / Re: R.I.P. Parnell Hall
« Last post by Hannah Adams on January 30, 2021, 02:12:22 pm »
Sad. I didn't know he had died. I like Sudokus and crosswords, and of course I like mysteries, so I have read a lot of his books. I have a couple of them that I saved. It's hard to trade them because I like to do the puzzles that are in his books.
I like the cover, it makes me want to see what this book is about. I'll look for some reviews of it.
What I'm Reading / Re: Not That Kind of Place by Frances Fyfield
« Last post by Hannah Adams on January 30, 2021, 02:07:30 pm »
I have a couple old paperbacks by this author but I don't really remember them. I may reread them soon.
What I'm Reading / Re: The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman
« Last post by Hannah Adams on January 30, 2021, 02:05:37 pm »
I read some reviews of this book. It's now on my very long wish list.
Welcome and General Discussion / Re: Locked Room Mysteries
« Last post by Hannah Adams on January 30, 2021, 02:03:51 pm »
Is bookriot a club you have to join?
Welcome and General Discussion / Re: Interesting article about bookplates
« Last post by Hannah Adams on January 30, 2021, 02:02:37 pm »
It's fun to find bookplates when I buy an old book. I like to see who owned it before. Can't say that I've ever used a bookplate, but if I ever inherit one of those mansions with libraries full of gold edged books, I'll be sure to get some.
Welcome and General Discussion / Re: Interesting articles about mystery books
« Last post by Hannah Adams on January 30, 2021, 02:00:12 pm »
I can't keep up with new releases, even when I can get them from the library. I have found a couple of those mail box libraries people put in their yards and I was surprised to find some newer books in those. All they ask is a book in exchange, and they don't mind if it's an old book. Luckily I have lots of those.

I haven't read any of these books, but I'll make a note of the titles. Maybe I'll get lucky.
What I'm Reading / Emma Lathen and more
« Last post by Hannah Adams on January 30, 2021, 01:55:44 pm »
I like to reread my old mysteries, and I have a bunch by Emma Lathen. I liked By Hook or By Crook - it's the kind of plot that would make a good TV movie. Lots of suspects, nearly all of them are part of a family business selling what used to be called Oriental carpets. I didn't guess the ending, even though I'd read it before. Of course, that was a long time ago.

I did not enjoy Emma Lathen's Death Shall Overcome. When it was first published in the Sixties, it was probably considered to be very progressive. The main plot is about a broker on Wall Street trying to put a black man on the Stock Exchange. When he was called colored or Negro it was very awkward to read. The race riots and protest marches were a little too familiar. I'll see if I can trade this one.

I found a used book that looks fun. It's called When Bunnies Go Bad by Clea Simon. I've read other books by her and liked them. I'll probably read this book next.
Welcome and General Discussion / Re: Interesting articles about mystery books
« Last post by Becke Davis on January 26, 2021, 06:01:12 pm »

JAN 22, 2021

Sponsored by Katrine Engberg's The Butterfly House.

Copenhagen detectives Jeppe Kørner and Anette Werner return in Engberg’s second bone-chilling thriller… When three people are found drained of blood and floating in fountains around Copenhagen, Jeppe must investigate the murders solo, as his partner Anette is out on maternity leave. The victims all share connections to a now-closed teen therapeutic facility, The Butterfly House, which may have used some unorthodox practices on its young patients. Meanwhile, as the stakes rise, Anette starts investigating on her own, not completely fulfilled by her new role as mother. But is she leaving herself vulnerable to a killer?

Hello mystery fans! I have roundups, news, Kindle deals (two excellent authors with great backlists), and some of my reading for you this time.

From Book Riot and Around The Internet

15 Cozy Mysteries Coming Out in the First Half of 2021

A Study in Detective Duos

Why Locked Room Murder Mysteries Are the Best

10 New Mystery Books You Might’ve Missed in 2020

Katie and Nusrah talk about their most anticipated releases of the first half of 2021 on the latest Read or Dead!

Regardez! Netflix’s Lupin Poised to Reach a Bigger Crowd Than Bridgerton

Five new thrillers offer guilt-free distraction

What You Don't See cover image
Left Coast Crime Announces the 2021 Lefty Award Nominations

(Holy Scooby snacks, Batman!) DC Launching ‘Batman & Scooby-Doo Mysteries’ Comic Book

Abby Collette (also Abby Vandiver) has a new book deal that sounds awesome, starring twin brother and sister!

And Kelley Armstrong also announced an awesome-sounding upcoming time traveling mystery series!

Pride Award for Emerging LGBTQIA+ Crime Writers

The You Creators Are Making Another TV Thriller Based on a Caroline Kepnes Novel

Win a Kindle Paperwhite!

Win a 1-Year Subscription to Kindle Unlimited!

Kindle Deals
The Devotion of Suspect X cover image
The Devotion of Suspect X: A Detective Galileo Novel (Detective Galileo Series Book 1) by Keigo Higashino, Alexander O. Smith (Translation)
One of my favorite mystery authors who puts together their mystery plots so well. This is the first in the series of translations (I think it’s the 3rd in the series in Japan–the order really doesn’t matter, I swear!) and it’s only $2.99!

Grown cover image
Grown by Tiffany D. Jackson
If you’ve yet to read Tiffany D. Jackson, remedy that immediately! Her most recent is once again another excellent YA crime novel and it’s $3.99! (Review)

A Bit Of My Week In Reading

While Justice Sleeps by Stacey Abrams
Not to galley brag or anything but I got my hands on Stacey Abrams upcoming legal thriller and I’m the most excited to dive into this over the weekend.

Currently I’m reading this year’s release in one of my all-time favorite historical mystery series: An Unexpected Peril (Veronica Speedwell, #6) by Deanna Raybourn. Raybourn never fails to make me laugh from the opening page and I forever thank her.

And in my ears right now is Quan Barry’s We Ride Upon Sticks, which I picked up because ’80s and Salem and it is absolutely a delightful, fun, unique ride.

Browse all the books recommended in Unusual Suspects previous newsletters on this shelf. See upcoming 2021 releases. Check out this Unusual Suspects Pinterest board and get Tailored Book Recommendations!

Until next time, keep investigating! In the meantime, come talk books with me on Twitter, Instagram, Goodreads, and Litsy–you can find me under Jamie Canavés.

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Welcome and General Discussion / Re: Interesting article about bookplates
« Last post by Becke Davis on January 26, 2021, 05:19:03 pm »
While we're on the subject of bookplates, this looks like a fun read - it's the third in a series:

I love that series, so I've read that book!

I've read a bunch of her books and liked them, so I'll have to add these to my collection, too.
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