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Edith's "One Too Many" story in Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine's last issue was really good. And so much darker than her other work.

This is a great new series from Edith/Maddie.

I liked the first book, but I do have to say that I thought the 2nd book was even better! I'm really excited to see where this series goes.

And since it is set pretty close to where I live, it is great that Edith makes signing appearances in the area.

My co-worker is about to start this series in part because I've been promoting to her since she is almost caught up on the Country Store series.

I'm all caught on the Country Store series myself. At least until NACHO AVERAGE MURDER comes out. I've pre-ordered my copy so I should have it pretty close to the actual release date. I'm sure that I'll pretty much burn right through that once it is in my hands.

I'm a big fan of blueberry pancakes myself. But I'm a syrup snob. I only use actual Vermont maple syrup on my pancakes. :D

This is my favorite series from Edith/Maddie and I'm so glad that I "discovered" it. I've also turned on a few of my friends to the series as well.

I've read the first book in the series and have the rest in my TBR pile.

I admit that when I sat down to read DELIVERING THE TRUTH, the use of "Thee" and "Thou" kind of threw me a bit but not for too long. I enjoyed the story a lot.

It was the book my library's mystery book club chose to read and we got to have Edith come to the meeting to talk about the book. That was a really big deal for me I must say.

I'm not always drawn to historical mysteries but when they are done well, it is always a pleasure to read them. Such is the case with my enjoyment of the Quaker Midwife Mysteries series.

I'll be looking forward to TAKEN TOO SOON in a few months.

I'm for anything that promotes Edith's books but it is the two of you who should decide on how you want to go about things.

I can schedule some days, one for each of my series, and then advertise those. Thoughts?

Not that I have a real say but I think that's a good idea. I did that for when you came to my local library on a smaller scale when I spotlighted one of your series each day leading up to the appearance on my Facebook page. I know it didn't work the way I had hoped but at least I know I did my part in promoting.

Plus, you have a greater reach than I do. :D

I'm wondering if posting about the forum on other book related forums trying to drum up some attention for this board would be a good idea.

Welcome and General Discussion / Re: RIP Sheila Connolly
« on: June 13, 2020, 06:57:44 pm »
My local Barnes and Noble reopened yesterday. I took a trip over because I wanted to grab up some of Sheila's books that I didn't have yet. I remember them having a large selection of books from her various series.

Imagine my disappointment to see that during the time they were closed, the store re-arranged the layout. Worse yet, they've even further condensed the mystery section down and now there were just a few of Sheila's books. Three of them I already have but I did pick up MURDER AT THE MANSION, the first book in her Victorian Village series and A LATE FROST which is one of her latter Orchard mystery series.

But I had hoped to pick up a bunch more of the books. Now, I might be forced to look to eBay again for used copies so I can afford more at once.

I can count on one hand the number of times I've actually pre-ordered a book.

Last night, I made the most recent pre-order Edith's new Country Store mystery NACHO AVERAGE MURDER. Sure, I could just wait for the on-sale date and get it at my local store but at least this way I know that I'm guaranteed to get my hands on a copy as soon as possible.

Welcome and General Discussion / Re: RIP Sheila Connolly
« on: June 11, 2020, 03:44:13 am »
I'm pretty sure that Adam Cole post is a spam account.

As for Sheila's Orchard series. The fourth book, A KILLER CROP, finally arrived a few days ago and I'm likely going to be reading it after I finish the book I'm currently reading.

I'm halfway through FARMED AND DANGEROUS, and hopefully I'll get another couple of Edith's books in the mail tomorrow. I'll probably stay up way too late tonight to finish this one. . .or NOT! How did it get to be 2 a.m. already?

Oddly enough, I was awake at 2 a.m. as well. But it was because that was the time I woke up after falling asleep before 11 a.m. while watching TV.

But if you are going to stay up late reading, reading one of Edith's books is certainly a good reason.

Edith - I'm eagerly awaiting deliveries from Amazon and ABE Books with new and old copies of your books. I'm going to be very antisocial when they arrive - I'm looking forward to a reading binge!

As one who has binged on Edith's books, it is well worth cutting off the outside world so you can spend time in the worlds that she has created!

What I'm Reading / Re: My latest read is...
« on: June 09, 2020, 04:12:19 am »
I have entirely too many new books to read that I don't have time to go back and read older material. At least not if I ever hope to work down this pile.

What I'm Reading / Re: What I am Reading
« on: June 09, 2020, 04:10:07 am »

Yeah, I don't hold high hopes for it. I'm trying to think of remakes that I like(d) and the only one that comes to mind is Magnum P.I. I like the new one, and I don't think the original holds up at all.

I actually like the original Magnum P.I. series. My mother had the series on DVD (I watched it growing up as well) and I've been SLOWLY working my way through watching the series again and I've been enjoying it.

What little I've seen of the remake has been OK but nothing particularly outstanding.

Becke wrote:
<The reporter has "perfectly styled streaked silver hair." I immediately thought of a Boston TV news reporter who is also an acclaimed mystery author. Was this a shout-out?

You bet! That Easter egg was a shoutout to Hank Phillippi Ryan. Good eye, Becke.

That's funny! Now I'll have to keep my eyes open for other surprises like that!

If I remember correctly, Hank Phillippi Ryan also popped up in one of Ace Atkins' Spenser novels too.

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