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I've been pushing hard to read the books in the Local Foods and Country Store series, and I've neglected this one! I just realized MURDER AT THE TAFFY SHOP is a Barnes & Noble exclusive for one year (it was published in March). My local B&N store is closed for the day but they HAVE reopened, coronavirus-wise, so I can go there tomorrow. I hope they have a copy in the store!

You can always look it up online to see if they have it the store. Or just call the shop before you leave to go there.

I'm in the midst of reading the new ARCs that I got to review for the magazine but once I finish with them and submit my review drafts, I'm going to make it a point to start CALLED TO JUSTICE. I want to see what Rose does next and it has been far too long since I finished the first book.

Time to get on the stick and stick my nose in more books!

I totally forgot about Julia Henry's Garden Squad mystery series. You can read about HERE!

I don't know that I'd want to have a parrot as a pet myself though. The damn thing would probably outlive me.


I'm having fun reading FLIPPED FOR MURDER, book one, after already reading some later books in the series. When characters are introduced - including Birdie, the cat - I get a kick out of recognizing them. I'm nearly finished with this book - it's been a busier than usual day, but I'm sure I'll finish this within a few hours.

I'm glad I started at the beginning of the series when I got going. And I loved it right from the start.

Welcome and General Discussion / Re: RIP Sheila Connolly
« on: June 24, 2020, 03:32:55 am »

Hurray! I just received paperback copies of MURDER AT THE MANSION and KILLER IN THE CARRIAGE HOUSE. I'm eager to read this - they are going in my to-be-read-this-summer pile!

I've got the first book. I thought I was going to have Book 2 but lost out on an auction to get it a bit cheaper.

My co-worker started reading Murder on Cape Cod last night. I got a text from her during the evening saying that she was really into the book and loved that Mac had an African Grey because said co-worker has one herself.

I'm hoping to get started on this series sooner rather than later. I have the five books on hand. I got four of them directly from Edith when she came to my local library.

The first book in the series I had to order online but now that I have them, I'm glad that I'll be able to read them (hopefully) one after the other.

And I'm with Edith, I'd definitely rather read about the work that goes into doing any kind of farming than doing it myself.

Welcome and General Discussion / Re: RIP Sheila Connolly
« on: June 21, 2020, 07:47:58 am »
I did some minor Net surfing and apparently the two books that haven't been released yet are in the Victorian Village series. The first book has already been out but there's a 2nd one supposedly due for release on May 26th and the third book is tentatively set for May 1st, 2021.

Last night/early this morning, I ended up ordering a copy of the first book in the Orchard Mysteries, One Bad Apple.

The last book in the County Cork series (because of her passing, not because she was done with the series), Fatal Roots, came out in January so whenever it gets released in paperback I'll pick that one up as well.

I'm happy to see more books will be coming out in her Victorian Village series. If you notice either of them available for preorder, let me know!

I think Book 2 in the Victorian Village series was published already in hardcover. I thought I saw that the paperback of that one was due on May 26th, but it might've gotten pushed back due to the pandemic because I don't think I've seen it available in PB anywhere yet.

And the books Many A Twist and Fatal Roots were the two books I was missing from the County Cork series that I ordered. There's an ebook novella featuring the characters that I'll sadly never get to read unless it gets printed somewhere.

Let me just add that I would definitely be ordering a copy if some publisher ever decided to collect Edith's short stories into a printed book.

CHRISTMAS COCOA MURDER is available in print. It has novella length stories from Maddie, Carlene O'Connor and Alex Erickson.

Edith's "One Too Many" story in Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine's last issue was really good. And so much darker than her other work.

I used to subscribe to both EQMM and the Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine. I periodically renew them (when I can afford it) but then I have trouble keeping up. I wonder if the last issue (with Edith's story) is still available? I'll check it out.

I'd think you could order back issues from their website.

Welcome and General Discussion / Re: RIP Sheila Connolly
« on: June 20, 2020, 06:12:37 pm »

I have two of her books in my waiting-to-be-read pile, and both of them are in her Orchard series - A LATE FROST and RED DELICIOUS DEATH. I want to read books in her other series, too. Do you have a favorite book or series?

I'm a big fan of her County Cork series because of its Ireland setting. I actually just ordered the two books in that series that I'm missing.

As for the Orchard series, I'm on Book 4 (A KILLER CROP) and ordered Book 5 (BITTER HARVEST). I bought A LATE FROST last Saturday when I went to the book store since it was the only one of the series they had left in stock from the Orchard series.


I really liked STRANGLED EGGS AND HAM and now I'm eagerly awaiting NACHO AVERAGE MURDER, which I also preordered.

My brother (who lives in Vermont) has made me a maple syrup snob - I don't have it often, but when I do have it I want the real thing!

There's a novella that's set after STRANGLED EGGS AND HAM in the book CHRISTMAS COCOA MURDER and features Robbie Jordan in as you might've guessed, a holiday mystery.

And I just had the last of my VERMONT maple syrup this morning.


Is the novel only available as an ebook? I miss out on a lot of novellas I'd like to read because I killed my Nook a few years ago. Ereaders are cheaper than they used to be, but since I prefer to read book-books anyway, I haven't replaced it. Now if it's available in paperback. I'll definitely order it!

Sadly for me, the answer to your question is no. Not counting Edith's Local Food series that is.

I've been reading other stuff and I just got a new ARC to review so I probably won't be finding any gardening mysteries right now.

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