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I was at my B&N today and MURDER AT THE TAFFY SHOP was on the shelves there.

Yay! Hopefully they will still have it at my B&N by the time I get there!

They had it and now I've got it! I was disappointed they didn't have any of the Edith Maxwell titles, though.

I hope you requested that they stock them, Becke! Maybe they are out because they've been closed for so long.

Edith, this is from your website: "“The Stonecutter,” possibly Edith’s favorite piece of short fiction, is a murder story of middle-aged romance gone wrong in an increasingly dark New England fall. The story first appeared in Fish Nets: the Second Guppy Anthology, an anthology of crime stories (Wildside Press, April, 2013)." 

What was it about "The Stonecutter" that made it a favorite of yours?

I guess I liked the way the language flowed in that story, and how it got darker with the daylight diminishing through the fall. Thanks for asking!


Huh - I have no idea how to insert a pic, or I would give you the real Birdy! I tried dragging one in, but that didn't work. If you can tell me how, I will try.

Anyway, I so much appreciate the support and cheers from both Jay and Becke this month. I'm delighted you love my stories and are willing to share them with others.

All my best, and much gratitude,


Edith's "One Too Many" story in Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine's last issue was really good. And so much darker than her other work.

Thanks, Jay. I do like to explore darker themes in my short stories!

I haven't read this series yet. I'm working my way through the Country Store and the Local Foods series, making pretty good progress with those. At this point I want to finish all the books in at least one of those series before starting another one. I do want to read these, but I have a stack of Edith's books in my waiting-to-be-read-urgently pile right now!

Thanks, Becke. It's not like books spoil with age, LOL!

I'm in the midst of reading the new ARCs that I got to review for the magazine but once I finish with them and submit my review drafts, I'm going to make it a point to start CALLED TO JUSTICE. I want to see what Rose does next and it has been far too long since I finished the first book.

Time to get on the stick and stick my nose in more books!

I hope you love it, Jay!

I hope you love them - and the historical series!

My co-worker started reading Murder on Cape Cod last night. I got a text from her during the evening saying that she was really into the book and loved that Mac had an African Grey because said co-worker has one herself.

Thanks, Jay and Becke! I got to visit with a local friend's African gray named Jewel and listen to what she said. It's uncanny how they can imitate different voices.

Thanks, Becke! I loved writing these books.

A few decades ago I had a small organic farm and started writing the first book in the series at that time. When I resumed and wrote the series some years later, it was fun to be back in that world without having to do all the physical work! One of my sons is a farmer, though, and provided me with new material.

I hope I can find some of her short fiction, too. Edith - if your publisher should ever print an anthology of your short fiction, I'll order a copy as soon as it's available!

Many of my short stories are reissued as short ebooks - all are listed here:

Becke, I'm sorry. I didn't know you had set up random days (where was that?). Please post time frames!

How does this sound?

22 Local Foods Mysteries
24 Cozy Capers Book Group Mysteries
26 Quaker Midwife Mysteries
28 Short stories
30 Country Store Mysteries, and release day for book #7, Nacho Average Murder

We can push the news out. I'll post every two or three times during each day, asking question to elicit reader feedback, and offer a giveaway.

I can schedule some days, one for each of my series, and then advertise those. Thoughts?

Thanks so much, Jay! I hope you love the story.

And thanks for ordering my books, Becke. That delights me.

Now - how do we draw others into this group?

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