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Title: Library Book Sales
Post by: JRob on April 22, 2021, 11:44:47 am
Anyone frequent the fundraising book sales that their local library holds?

Here where I am, they started holding the first one of the year today. The various protocols of distancing, masks and hand sanitizer are in effect. Only 8 people allowed inside at a time too.

I cut out of work for a bit so I could get there right at the start and have the best possible selection to choose from.

And for just under 15 bucks I walked out with 29 books. Now, 16 of them were for my trivia team partner. He started reading the Lee Child books and asked if I would pick him up some. At 79, he's not exactly roaming about the landscape yet even with being fully vaccinated. So as luck would have it, they were packed with Lee Child books. I got 14 titles for him, plus the first book in the Quinn Colson series by Ace Atkins. The other book was actually a mistakenly bought 2nd copy of one of the Lee Child books, so I'll just donate that back to the library at another time.

Now for me, I grabbed DEEP STATE by Chris Hauty. That's one of the most talked about thrillers of 2019 but I hadn't gotten around to getting it for myself. I also grabbed up the first two books in Jane K. Cleland's Josey Prescott Antique mystery series, the first two book's in Jenn McKinlay's Cupcake Bakery series, a Barbara Ross Maine Clambake book, an Ellie Alexander Bakeshop mystery, the first four books in Paige Shelton's Farmer's Market series and one in her Country Cooking School series as well.

My question for anyone reading, do authors hate the notion of their books being sold off like this? I mean, they got bought once to end up in the library sale. But do you think it leads to further sales down the road if a reader gets started on the cheap? I know that when I buy books this way, if I like the series, I start buying the books new.
Title: Re: Library Book Sales
Post by: JRob on May 25, 2021, 02:51:21 pm
My local library held their May book sale last week. I went on the first day again and while I thought the selection of books (for me) was a little lacking this time around, I did manage to find four books that I bought. Three of them were from my want list while the fourth was just a book that sounded like it would be a good read and it was the first in the series.

I almost went to another book sale this past weekend but I was feeling pretty tired from a combination of a couple of reasons and didn't feel like fighting the tourist traffic to get over the bridge to the library.
Title: Re: Library Book Sales
Post by: JRob on April 23, 2022, 11:53:47 am
I don't know if anyone else is still coming to the forums but in case they are...

I stopped by my local library's monthly book sale yesterday. My initial reason was to drop off some books for one of the women that was part of the mystery book club that was held at the library before the pandemic. I had a few books that I know she would like to read (she mainly reads cozy mysteries). So I made sure she would be there and went.

But I'm unable to resist a room full of books for very low prices so I had to check out what there was to be had.

I left with a couple of paperback books: Iris Johansen's The Bullet and Irish Parade Murder by Leslie Meier. I'm behind in my reading of Johansen's work so picking up the book is a good move. And while I've never read Meier's work before, I do like books that are either set in Ireland or have some kind of Irish theme to the story. The woman I gave those books to had pointed it out to me and when I picked it up I said when I was done with it, I would pass it on to her.

Of course, later that afternoon I got a robocall from the library telling me a book I had them get in for me had arrived. But it was too late to pick it up yesterday so I made plans to pick it up today when I was going to be out and about running errands anyway. But once again, I couldn't resist going back into the book sale room and I'm glad I did. While I picked up the Irish & Roy Johansen thriller Silent Thunder that I had seen yesterday, they had more books that weren't in the bins when I looked. So I ended up picking up a copy of the Jonathan & Faye Kellerman book Double Homicide as well.

I'm not even sure I remember knowing they'd written a book together but I couldn't resist picking it up when I saw it. Oh, and I grabbed a used DVD copy of one of the few Steven Seagal movies that I like.

But the big score today was finding a nearly brand new copy of Vicki Delany's A Three Book Problem that was just published a couple months ago. I actually read it through the library back then but I really like that series so I grab up copies when I can. And you can't beat getting a book at $5 when you would've had to spend nearly $30 if you'd bought it when it first came out.

You just have to love library book sales!