Mystery Scene


The winners of the 2014 Arthur Ellis Awards have been announced, including the winner of the CWC (Crime Writers of Canada) Grand Master Award for Crime Writing in Canada.

Congratulations to all of this year's Arthur winners and finalists!



Thank you, Nancy. And thank you, MWA for this astonishing honor. Thank you, Joe, for all the years of encouragement and support, and to my publishers through all their many incarnations. Thank you, Vicky Bijur, my agent and very dear friend. I only wish Sara Ann Freed were here to thank, too.

A few months ago, when I was told that I would receive this award, my thoughts instantly flew back to a spring morning in 1977. At that time I had only published short stories and had no plans to ever write a novel. I had never met another writer and, although I had joined MWA, I lived too far away to feel a part of it.

That morning, as Joe and I walked outside with our coffee, he asked me why I seemed a little sad, and I said, “I just feel as if I’ve met almost everybody I’m ever going to know.”

I liked my North Carolina friends; I liked my family; but I couldn’t get over the feeling that I had a tribe out there somewhere, a tribe of like-minded people that I might never find.

Tonight, I look around this room. As much as this award means to me, it means even more that I can call so many of you my friends. . . members of my tribe. Thank you.