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Oline Cogdill

dicaprio_leonardo_2012Dennis Lehane's next novel Live by Night won't even be in the bookstores or e-readers until October, but the buzz is good. How good? Well, Warner Bros. already has "snapped up the rights," according to Indiewire reports, with plans to develop Live by Night as a star vehicle for Leonardo DiCaprio.

So far, Lehane has a good track record with his novels Mystic River, Gone Baby Gone and Shutter Island being adapted into excellent films. And Lehane and DiCaprio make a good team. DiCaprio starred in the adaptation of Lehane's Shutter Island.

Live by Night (Morrow) continues a portion of the story that Lehane started in his historial Any Given Day. Live by Night revolves around rum runners in Florida and carries over one character from that previous novel.

Lehane's novel isn't the only project that DiCaprio may be involved with. Indiewire also reports that the actor is considering Satori, based on the thriller by Don Winslow, published in March 2012 from Grand Central. Winslow's Satori is a prequel of Trevanian's 1979 bestselling thriller Shibumi, which featured assassin Nicholai Hel.

Winslow's work seems destined for the movies. The movie Savages based on Winslow's novel of the same name will be coming out in July, directed by Oliver Stone.

Mystery Scene

mysteryloverscat_logoWonderful independent bookstores abound from Portland, Oregon's Murder by the Book to Centuries & Sleuths in Forest Park, Illinois, to Partners & Crime in New York City and all spots in between, but Mary Alice Gorman and Richard Goldman's Mystery Lovers Bookshop in Oakmont, Pennsylvania, holds a special place in many mystery readers' hearts. After more than two decades of books, readings, review writing and recommending the latest and greatest mysteries to us all, Gorman and Goldman recently announced they are looking for a buyer for their legendary store.

"After more than 21 years we've reached a point in our lives when our ever-growing grandchildren and travel to new places exerts a stronger pull on us than the joys of bookselling," said the married co-owners in a recent letter about their decision to sell the widely beloved bookshop.

Ever dreamed of owning a bookstore? Been a fan, friend, or patron of Mystery Lovers Bookshop? Read on for Gorman and Goldman's news and details about selling their store:

gormangordon_huggingWe write to you with news of exciting developments that we believe will result in a better Mystery Lovers Bookshop in years to come.

We have decided to give someone else a chance to achieve their dream by seeking a new owner for the bookstore. After more than 21 years we've reached a point in our lives when our ever-growing grandchildren and travel to new places exerts a stronger pull on us than the joys of bookselling.

There are wonderful opportunities for our store that include ebooks, revitalizing the cafe business, expansion of genres, consideration of new sidelines and dozens of others. However, taking advantage of these opportunities requires a new set of younger eyes, hands and backs.

When we consider the assets of our business we immediately see that our staff and our customers are at the top of the list. Our long-time employees, including Margo, Buff, Judi, Kathy, Tanya and Vicki, are with us in working to give MLB a solid future. We hope that you, too, will join with us in finding a new owner and continuing our past success into the future.

Here are some things you can do:

  • Interested in owning a bookstore? Call us up.
  • Not interested? Pass this along to someone you think would like to be a bookseller. Post it on your Facebook page, tell your friends.
  • Keep buying books. From us. It is crucially important that the store continue to do well during this transition. We are not closing the store. We want to say that again--we are not closing, we are seeking a new owner.

If you'd like to see more information about the store, take a look at our Mystery Lovers Bookshop at a Glance page on the website HERE.

Owning a bookstore was a lifelong dream for us and Mystery Lovers Bookshop has fulfilled every aspect of that dream and more. We've met thousands of wonderful people who have enriched our lives in ways beyond counting. We'd like to think that we did that, too, in our own way through events, bookclubs and the love of books.

Thanks for your years of support for us and for Mystery Lovers Bookshop. Now, on to the next 20 years.

With affection,

Mary Alice and Richard

For more information, visit

Mystery Scene's 2010 article celebrating the 20-year anniversaryof Mystery Lovers Bookshop