Oline H Cogdill

Mystery readers really are a community.

We love to delve into new novels, discover new authors and support our favorite established ones.

Next to reading mysteries, we love to talk about mysteries. And we are guessing that you do too since you are following our blog.

So come join us, as often as you can, at the Mystery Scene Forum.

It’s free to join and enjoyable to follow.

And we are pleased to announce that Mystery Scene Forum is now being moderated by well-known author Becke Davis.

Becke is there to inspire new topics, to add to existing discussions and engage our readers.

It’s all part of us mystery readers being a community.

Some readers may remember Becke as a former moderator of the Mystery Forum and Club page at BN.com where she cultivated a dedicated and lively following of mystery fans and authors for many years. I

In addition to her mystery work, Becke has been a garden writer for over 20 years and has numerous magazine articles and five books to her name. Becke has lived in Chicago, Cincinnati, Succasunna, New Jersey, London, England and is a recent transplant to Eugene, Oregon.

“Before social media, I was a lonely bookaholic,” says Becke.

I understand Becke’s comment about being a lonely bookaholic.

So many of us read in a vacuum—and that goes for reviewers. We don’t always know what other readers are thinking.

And so many books, so little time. No one can possibly read the volume of mysteries that are published each year. Try as we might.

“I was so excited to see the new forum at Mystery Scene, I danced a little jig,” added Becke.

What I like about Mystery Scene Forum is the variety of discussions. Few, if any, discussions are off limits. It’s a good source to discover new authors and find out what other readers think.

“Moderating the forum is dangerous in a good way — I’ve already added books and authors to my Wish List," she said. "I’m looking forward to meeting up with old friends of the bookish sort, and making new friends there. I’m serving virtual tea and scones in the book-lined library that houses the Mystery Scene Forum (at least in my head). I’m excited to talk books with you!"

And we are excited to have Becke.

“As a wide variety of mystery fans know, Becke Davis is a delight and a consummate fan of the crime and mystery world. We’re immensely pleased to have Becke join our Mystery Scene Forum as moderator, said Kate Stine, Mystery Scene Editor-in-Chief and co-Publisher.

"She’ll be an invaluable resource to our visitors and most importantly, she’ll be fun!"

And it will be fun when more readers join us.

Photo: Kate Stine, left, Becke Davis and Brian Skupin at Malice Domestic.