Brian Skupin

Locked Room Murders is a bibliography containing a description of the problem and, separately, the solution to locked room and impossible crime novels and short stories.

It has been a classic in the locked room pantheon for over 40 years, beginning with a 1972 article by Bob Adey in The Armchair Detective. The first edition of Locked Room Murders, published by Ferret Fantasy in 1979, covered 1280 items. The 1991 second edition, published by Crossover Press, covered 2019 items.

Due to limited print runs, both editions have become prohibitively expensive. Locked Room International (LRI) is now making a revised version of the Second Edition available at an affordable price. Edited by Brian Skupin, LRI consultant and co-publisher of Mystery Scene magazine, this revised version contains the same 2019 items, but with corrections and additional references which have appeared since 1991.

Get the revised edition here.

Plans are in place to publish a Supplemental Edition in 2019, to include novels and short stories (including translations from sources outside the Anglosphere) published since 1991, films, TV series, graphic novels, and other media. It will not contain any of the items in the Second Edition, Revised.

If you have a favorite locked room mystery--or other impossible crime story, whether it be a novel, short story, film, TV show, etc--that you'd like to see included in the Supplemental Edition, please email the details here:

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