by Kennedy Quinn
Five Star, November 2015, $25.95

Madison McKenna is a young, brash, fast-talking woman only a step away from her PhD in physics. Blessed with a MacGyver-like flair, she can rig just about anything to tackle a problem. In one instance, her weapons of choice include a tube of lip gloss, car keys, and three cinnamon-flavored condoms. She’s got book smarts but not street smarts, as her boss Jake Thibodaux, an ex-New Orleans cop and the owner of a Chicago detective agency, tells her daily.

When she and the rotund Jake are ambushed on a routine stakeout and Jake ends up critically injured and fighting for his life, Madison decides she’ll solve the case on her own. After another attempt on her life and further threats to her partner, she becomes even more determined. In between investigating and dodging danger, Madison finds time for sexual fantasies about any number of guys, including Max Hunter, Jake’s ex-partner and his competition in the PI business; Nestor Lopez, a hunky cop with a prescription drug addiction; and the bull-riding cowboy Zack Banks, with his tight jeans and bull calf named Fido. Despite their antagonistic relationship, she and Max form an uneasy alliance as Madison searches for why someone wants Jake silenced. In the process, she learns some unexpected secrets.

Author Kennedy Quinn has a PhD in physics, a masters in nuclear science, and has worked for the CIA. This is her debut novel and the first in the Madison McKenna Mystery series. Full of action, sexual tension, and a good share of humor, readers will anxiously await the next installment of Madison’s quirky adventures.

Sharon Magee

quinnthelastbestlieA new PI series full of action, sexual tension, and a good share of humor

Teri Duerr
November 2015
Five Star