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Last week, my home was filled with the voice of actor John Rubinstein.

My husband is a theater critic and he was interviewing Rubinstein, who will be appearing in the South Florida tour of Pippin. Rubinstein had played the title role when the musical was first on Broadway in 1972. Now Rubinstein is playing the king, the father of Pippin.

Meanwhile, I was listening to Rubinstein narrate Motive, the latest novel by Jonathan Kellerman.

Before their interview started, my husband mentioned that I was listening to Motive.

Rubinstein mentioned what a job it is to narrate Kellerman’s Alex Delaware and that he also is a fan of the novels.

For me, Rubinstein is the perfect reader for the Alex Delaware series, as he truly makes different voices for each of the characters.

Rubinstein’s Alex sounds nothing like Milo Sturgis, the LAPD detective with whom Alex works and is his best friend.

Anyone who listens to audiobooks knows that it all hinges on the reader. Even the best plot with the best characters can be a mess if the reader doesn’t deliver.

Scott Brick is another reader who elevates the books he narrates.