Oline Cogdill

Not every detail makes it into an author profile. Sometimes there isn’t room or things happen after publication.

Take our current issue of Mystery Scene with the profile of Laura Lippman, written by me.

Laura and I had a good interview, filled with lots of details about her work, her books, the film that has been made based on Every Secret Thing.

Much of that is in the profile.

But at the time we talked, and even with the follow up just before we went to press, where and when the film of Every Secret Thing was still up in the air.

So, naturally, soon after the issue hit the stands, the announcement comes out.

Every Secret Thing is being shown as part of the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival, which will take place in Manhattan from April 16-27. Here’s the link and look for updates.

Screening times for Every Secret Thing are scheduled to be 6 p.m. Sunday April 20 at BMCC Tribeca; 3 p.m. Wednesday April 23 at Bow Tie Cinemas Chelsea; and 7 p.m. Thursday April 24 at the AMC Loews Village.

Here’s how the Tribeca festival describes the film:

Every Secret Thing
, directed by Amy Berg, written by Nicole Holofcener. (USA) – World Premiere, Narrative. One clear summer day in a Baltimore suburb, a baby goes missing from her front porch. Two young girls serve seven years for the crime and are released into a town that hasn’t fully forgiven or forgotten. Soon, another child is missing, and two detectives are called in to investigate the mystery in a community where everyone seems to have a secret. An ensemble cast, including Elizabeth Banks, Diane Lane, Dakota Fanning, and Nate Parker, brings to life Laura Lippman’s acclaimed novel of love, loss, and murder.

That sounds about right.

The website Vulture.com listed Every Secret Thing as one of the seven best films at the Tribeca Film Festival.

The Vulture.com review says: “. . . and as you might expect with that creative team, this is less a mystery and more a diffuse character study, a look at how the past can continue to haunt those broken by it. The cast is uniformly excellent, but Diane Lane, playing the mother of one of the convicted girls, stands out: She turns this efficient, suspenseful little drama into something downright Shakespearean.”

PHOTO: Ronnie Fuller (played by Dakota Fanning) has heart to heart conversation with Detective Nancy Porter (played by Elizabeth Banks) in Every Secret Thing. Photograph/Alison Rosa; courtesy Tribeca Film Festival