Oline Cogdill

David Morrell has always been a trendsetter.
His first novel First Blood, still in print after 38 years, became the successful Rambo film franchise. Morrell is the co-founder of the International Thriller Writers organization, a three-time Bram Stoker award-winner, and recipient of ITW’s ThrillerMaster award in recognition of his legendary career and outstanding contributions to the thriller genre.
So his move to e-books isn't just another author jumping on the electronic publishing bandwagon.
Morrell is releasing a new, never-before-published, full-length thriller, The Naked Edge, along with nine of his previously published books, in electronic book format exclusively in the Kindle Store on Amazon.
This is the first time that any of these titles have been available electronically.
We'll get to the list of books soon, but what especially makes this intriguing is Morrell's new book.
The Naked Edge no doubt would get attention, even if it wasn't being released in such an ususual way.
The Naked Edge's plot revolves around two former Delta Force members, who were best friends as children and are now enemies. It's being billed as a high-action, high-concept thriller. And knowing Morrell's work, that's exactly what it will be.
One of the draws of The Naked Edge is that has 18 gorgeous color photographs. Now photos in books isn't exactly new, but the fact that an e-book could accommodate this puts digital publishing on a new level.
altThe photo accompanying this blog is one from Morrell's book. It is Buster Warenski's solid-gold replica of King Tut's dagger. (Photo is courtesy Phil Lobred)
The novel's tag line is "The most expensive knife is the one that costs you your life." And that's echoed by the photos of beautiful, and costly, knives. The knife on the cover of The Naked Edge is also rare and expensive. The handle is encrusted with gold studs and is based on a similar knife from 1850 Old San Francisco.
Morrell has been a successful published author for nearly 40 years. His novels sell and sell quite well. There are more than 18 million copies of his titles in print.
But the 67-year-old writer believes that digital publishing can bring him new audiences and a wider circulation is food for thought.
E-books are no longe a fad but a force to be considered—an alternative to readers and authors.
The Morrell novels available as e-books are: