Oline Cogdill
The popularity of e-books is growing daily and can't be denied anymore.
Will they continue to be decent sellers or even surpass printed books?
Who knows? But it is interesting to see the sales continue. Recent reports are that Laura Lippman's latest novel I'd Know You Anywhere sold more copies as e-books than as hardcover
According to a press release, News Corp.’s HarperCollins reported that in its first five days, I'd Know You Anywhere sold 739 more e-books than the 4,000 hardcovers.
Charles Todd is now offering an e-book short story called The Girl on the Beach and is an original Bess Crawford short story.
Todd's latest novel about World War I nurse Bess Crawford called An Impartial Witness just came out.
The Girl on the Beach is free and will be available through e-retailers through Sept. 14.
Readers who download the short story will get a bonus of an excerpt from A Duty to the Dead, Todd's first Bess Crawford novel published last year.
Two more promotional e-books by Todd are expected to be released later this fall.