Oline Cogdill
Too often it seems as if novels are optioned by for movies but never get made. Sometimes those options are reoptioned and then reoptioned and the film never gets made.
That won't be the case of The Lincoln Lawyer, Michael Connelly's award-winning 2005 novel about a lawyer who conducts his business in the back of his Lincoln Town Car.
altFilming began in July on the movie adaptation. Matthew McConaughey stars as Mickey Haller, the lawyer comfortablely ensconsed in his backseat. In The Lincoln Lawyer, Mickey defends a wealthy Beverly Hills playboy accused of molesting a woman.
Although he sees the case in terms of how many billable hours he'll rack up, Mickey also comes to believe that his client may be that rarity -- an innocent man.

True to Connelly's work, The Lincoln Lawyer is a multi-layered novel. The realities of being a lawyer and the practicalities of the law itself get a workout in Connelly's novel, which won the Macavity from the Mystery Readers International and the Shamus from the Private Eye Writers of America. It was also nominated for an Edgar Award, from the Mystery Writers of America, and for an Anthony, from Bouchercon, among other nominations.
By the way, Connelly's next novel The Reversal, to be published in October, will feature Mickey Haller and Harry Bosch.

The Lincoln Lawyer also will feature Marisa Tomei as Maggie McPherson, with Brad Furman directing from a screenplay by John Romano. Other co-stars include Ryan Phillippe, William H. Macy, Bryan Cranston, John Leguizamo, Michael Pena, Trace Adkins, and Katherine Moennig.
The Lincoln Lawyer is scheduled to be released Spring 2011. It's on imdb.com, so it must be true.
PHOTO: Matthew McConaughey, Michael Connelly on the set of The Lincoln Lawyer. Photo Credit: Saeed Adyani