Oline Cogdill
It looks as if we'll be seeing more mystery novels coming to the big and small screen.
Zoë Sharp's Charlie Fox series has recently been sold to Twentieth Century Fox TV. This should make a great kick bad guys TV series, based on the source material alone.
The British author Sharp's novels explore the life of Charlotte 'Charlie' Fox, a self-defense instructor with a shady military background and a painful past. She often takes on jobs as a bodyguard or security consultant.

Charlie, who also is British, at least in the books, is a real action heroine, skillful with weapons, hell on wheels on a motorcycle. She also has a great coat that is similiar to the one the author herself often wears.
So, the big question...actually two big questions: Will the TV series ever be made? Probably. Because it is being planned as a TV series and not a movie, the Charlie Fox novels have a better chance of actually going into production and then making it to the screen.
And who should play Charlie Fox? Someone mentioned recently on DorothyL that maybe the best person to play Charlie Fox would be the author herself. You know, I think Zoë Sharp might indeed be the best person.
Meanwhile, Sharp's novels, are being reprinted by Busted Flush Press. Killer Instinct is a good place to start and this reprint has an original introduction by Lee Child, which is more than appropriate as Charlie Fox has often been called the female Jack Reacher.