Oline H Cogdill

I am always looking for those little Easter eggs that show up in novels in which authors reference another author’s characters and novels.

I’ve noticed several of these little Easter eggs popping up on TV, as well.

So here’s a few I have noticed. Let us know if you know of others.

The Amazon Prime Video series Bosch, based on Michael Connelly’s novels, is a treasure trove. The cast is spot on, starting with Titus Welliver, who plays LAPD detective Harry Bosch, as well as Jamie Hector as  Jerry Edgar; Amy Aquino  Lt. Grace Billets; Lance Reddick as Irvin Irving and Madison Lintz as Maddie Bosch.

Here's the Mystery Scene review when Bosch first debuted.

In season 5, episode 5 of Bosch, the court stenographer reads Alafair Burke’s novel The Ex during her lunch break. Excellent product placement.  (photo 1)

Michael Connelly also makes a couple of cameos in the Bosch series.

Here he is at the bar, at the left, while Titus Welliver, far right, who plays Harry Bosch, talks with a suspect. I don’t remember the season or the episode but am sure our astute readers will. (photo 2)

In the last scene in Season 6, Connelly makes an appearance in the squad room, walking by a detective who says “Hi, Michael.” (photo 3)

I am sure there are other Connelly sightings in Bosch, readers, let us know.

Shooting recently wrapped up the seventh and final season of Bosch, which has been a hit for Amazon Prime.

The series keeps the spirit of the novels and may be one of the best novel to screen treatments ever. I will miss Bosch. I would binge each season and may have to start from the beginning again to get my fix.

But Connelly’s characters will continue on TV as a series based on his Lincoln Lawyer novels has been picked up by Netflix.

The Lincoln Lawyer series will star Manuel Garcia-Rulfo as Mickey Haller, the lawyer who runs his law practice out of the back seat of his Lincoln Town Car. 

Readers know that Mickey and Harry are half brothers. But due to contracts, it is doubtful that the character of Harry Bosch will make an appearance. 

And we hope to see more Connelly cameos and references to other authors’ novels in the Lincoln Lawyer series.

Author Gary Phillips, whose latest novel is Matthew Henson and the Ice Temple of Harlem, spotted a reading of the short story collection Orange County Noir in an episode of the TV series Modern Family. Here’s the character Mitchell Pritchett, played by Jesse Tyler Ferguson, engrossed in the collection that was edited by Phillips and includes a forward by T. Jefferson Parker.

Authors who contributed to the series include Gordon McAlpine, Susan Straight, Robert S. Levinson, Rob Roberge, Nathan Walpow, Barbara DeMarco-Barrett, Dan Duling, Mary Castillo, Lawrence Maddox, Dick Lochte, Robert Ward, Gary Phillips, Martin J. Smith, and Patricia McFall. (photo 4)

While I am sure this skit on Saturday Night Live was funny, one reader was more interested in the bookcase behind the actors. Some of the books are by John Stanford, Tom Clancy and more. Let us know if there are other titles you recognize. (photo 5)

Let us know if you have spotted other Easter eggs on TV.

Photos One, Two and Three are screenshots from Bosch on Amazon Prime; photo four is a screenshot from Modern Family on ABC; photo five a screenshot from Saturday Night Live on NBC.