Oline Cogdill
San Francisco's history is one of the country's most colorful filled with pirates, scallywags and the occasional earthquake. I appreciate a city that embraces is unsavory past and builds on a future that includes a most diverse populations.
altRemember, I'm from Florida, the land of anything goes.
And since Bouchercon 2010 will be in San Francisco in just a few weeks, I 'm offering an ongoing look at mysteries set there.
Dashiell Hammett: The Maltese Falcon. Granted when this novel about Sam Spade and the stuff that dreams are made of was published in 1930 it was a contemporary novel. Now we can look at what is often called the quintessential San Francisco mystery as a historical that also is as modern as when it was published. The alleys, streets and fog of San Francisco haven't changed much. There's also a plaque on the street where Archer was killed. I think it is a law that any mystery fan -- or anyone for that matter -- who visits San Francisco must read The Maltese Falcon at least once.
Joe Gores: Spade & Archer -- Published in 2009, this prequel to The Maltese Falcon delves into the background of Sam Space, his partner Miles Archer and other characters from Hammett's classic. Although he was first refused, Gores eventually got permission from Hammett's relatives to write the novel.