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Scott Turow: Testimony

A conversation with one of the stars of contemporary crime fiction.
by Oline H. Cogdill

Raffles: The Anti-Sherlock Holmes

This gentleman thief was as unrepentant as he was stylish.
by Michael Mallory

Linda Greenlaw: A Fisherman’s Tale

From fishing boat captain to celebrated writer.
by Cheryl Solimini

The Czar of Noir: Eddie Muller

The film impresario has a new show, Noir Alley, on Turner Classic Movies channel.
by Jake Hinkson

All Aboard: Train Mysteries

Railroads provide a fascinating setting for these novels.
by Ann Whetstone

Denise Mina

Communitarian values over individualism in crime fiction.
by Tom Nolan

All Aboard: Train Mysteries

Railroads provide a fascinating setting for these novels.
by Ann Whetstone

The Hook

First Lines That Caught Our Attention

Could You Let Us Out of Here?

The private eye in locked room and other impossible crimes.
by Kevin Burton Smith

Hallie Ephron

Triumph in the third act.
by John B. Valeri

Michael Connelly

Introducing a new LAPD detective, Renée Ballard of The Late Show.
by Craig Sisterson

Sisters in Crime 1987-2017

One of its founders looks back to the very beginning of a group that has changed the face of mystery.
by Sara Paretsky

“Girl Crazy” Crossword

by Verna Suit


At the Scene

by Kate Stine

Mystery Miscellany

by Louis Phillips

Hints & Allegations

2017 Edgar Awards; 2017 Agatha Awards.


Small Press Reviews: Covering the Independents

by Betty Webb

Very Original: Paperback Originals Reviewed

by Lynne Maxwell & Hank Wagner

Sounds of Suspense: Audiobooks Reviewed

by Dick Lochte

What About Murder? Reference Books Reviewed

by Jon L. Breen

Short and Sweet: Short Stories Considered

by Ben Boulden

Mystery Scene Reviews


The Docket


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Jane Langton, William Link, and Peter Lovesey have been chosen as the 2018 Grand Masters by Mystery Writers of America (MWA).

MWA’s Grand Master Award represents the pinnacle of achievement in mystery


One of my favorite moments in the 1974 version of Murder on the Orient Express comes near the end—and I am not giving away any spoilers here—when the array of passengers are by themselves in the train car


For those of us who have read mysteries all our lives—I started as a child—those early queens of mysteries probably were our first introduction to the genre.

I cut my reading teeth on Hammett, Chand