Short Stories

by Patrick Millikin, ed.
Mullholland Books, October 2016, $15.99

The Highway Kind is a thematic crime anthology featuring stories built around people and their cars. It includes 15 entertaining original tales. C. J. Box contributes a satisfying suspense story with a rural Wyoming setting titled “Power Wagon” in which young accountant Brandon and his very pregnant wife are trapped by a group of toughs on Brandon’s recently deceased father’s ranch without phone or internet service. “Driving to Geronimo’s Grave” is a vivid, moody crime story set during the Great Depression with a dark humor only Joe Lansdale can pull off. Ben H. Winters contributes a twisty revenge tale involving a minivan titled “Test Drive” that is both satisfying and surprising. Wallace Stroby’s “Night Run” is a marvelously written road rage story asking more questions than it answers, in a good way, and one that I hope Mr. Stroby sees fit to expand into a larger story one day.

Ben Boulden
Teri Duerr
Millikin, ed.
October 2016
Mullholland Books

Jane Langton, William Link, and Peter Lovesey have been chosen as the 2018 Grand Masters by Mystery Writers of America (MWA).

MWA’s Grand Master Award represents the pinnacle of achievement in mystery


One of my favorite moments in the 1974 version of Murder on the Orient Express comes near the end—and I am not giving away any spoilers here—when the array of passengers are by themselves in the train car


For those of us who have read mysteries all our lives—I started as a child—those early queens of mysteries probably were our first introduction to the genre.

I cut my reading teeth on Hammett, Chand