The Collector

by Anne-Laure Thiéblemont
Le French, August 2015, $16.95

In an art-related mystery, we travel to Paris (never a hard thing to do) for Anne-Laure Thiéblemont’s The Collector, where Marion Spicer, who works for an art certification company, discovers that she has inherited a collection of pre-Columbian art worth millions. The only snag in her windfall is that it is missing three pieces, and before she can collect her inheritance, she must find the missing artifacts. As the corpses pile up, Marion’s hunt takes us ito interesting places: the homes of billionaires, persnickety art galleries, and eat-their-own-kind auction houses. But the truly mind-boggling thing about this slender book (211 pages) is in learning that the très cultured Parisian art scene is every bit as down and dirty as an alleyway mugging.

Betty Webb
Teri Duerr
August 2015
Le French