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"The greatest crimes are caused by excess and not by necessity.”

—Politics, Book II, Chapter 7 by Aristotle circa 300 B.C.; English translation, Aristotle’s Politics, 1885, by Benjamin Jowett

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The Great American Book Tour

by Jenny Milchman

Author Jenny Milchman is a lover of bookstores. She shares her favorite independent shops (and nearby stops) across the US.


Mystery on the Air: 10 Great Old-Time Radio Thrillers (Part 3)

by Francis M. Nevins

Let Us Now Praise Bernard Herrmann (1911-1975)  


Mystery on the Air: 10 Great Old-Time Radio Thrillers (Part 2)

by Tom Nolan

More mystery from the golden age of broadcasting now known as “old-time radio.”

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    heartbookIt’s always sad when a bookstore closes its doors. Bookstores aren’t just brick and mortar buildings, they are readers’ living rooms. A place to meet like minded people, a place to discuss favorite books and discover new novels, a place to meet your favorite author.

    So the news that


    pattersonwade_reading2014Mega-bestseller James Patterson cares deeply about the future of literacy in this country.

    And he has been working for literacy. Last month it was announced that Patterson will be giving $1 million to independent bookstores to help support them. Details here. ...