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"I once asked this literary agent what writing paid the best, and he said, 'ransom notes.'"

—Harry Zimm (Gene Hackman) in Get Shorty, 1995, screenplay by Elmore Leonard and Scott Frank based on Leonard's novel.

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Mystery on the Air: 10 Great Old-Time Radio Thrillers (Part 1)

by Tom Nolan

Mystery and crime stories of the golden age of what is now known as “old-time radio.”


Hidden Treasures: Four Underappreciated Writers to Seek Out

by Jon L. Breen

Four accomplished writers who you may have missed. Read on for a treasure trove of good writing!


Eyewitness: Everybody Must Get Stoned

by Kevin Burton Smith

Sherlock Holmes, the spiritual father of the private eye hero, was a user himself...


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Aimée & David Thurlo

Partners in work and life, this writing duo has an abiding love for America’s West.

My Book: A Theory About Thrillers

David Morrell's tale of the crypt.

Metta Fuller Victor: A Sensational Life

Metta Fuller Victor (1831–1885) was a writer, editor, abolitionist, moral reformer—and the first American mystery novelist.

Ink in Their Blood

The 10 best books about the literary life.

A Tribute to Howard Fast

I never met the man, but I understand he enjoyed the occasional cigar, so right there, he must have been okay. The fact that Howard Fast’s life plays out much like one of his proletarian novels no doubt tickled him, and that he had a long life and produced work in various mediums is something to envy.

My Evening With Sherlock

The earliest known Sherlockian parody may be by J.M. Barrie, best known today as the creator of Peter Pan, and a close friend of Arthur Conan Doyle. Herewith, the piece which first appeared in The Speaker, November 28, 1891, four year after Holmes’ first appearance in print.

Eyewitness: Triple Threat

Exciting new voices in the private-eye novel: Ingrid Thoft, Lisa Brackmann, and Sara Gran.

Anthony Shaffer: Grand Artificer of Mystery

The celebrated author of Sleuth had a long and varied criminal career.