Written by Oline Cogdill



0 #3 Sharon Wildwind 2010-08-24 10:50
I agree completely that mysteries do a good job with war and veterans. One of my favorite stories is about Ed McBain. In his 87th precinct series, the wars that the detectives had served in kept changing. First it was World War II, then Korea, then Viet Nam, and possibly even into Iraq.
0 #2 Fran 2010-08-23 12:32
Michael Gruber's "The Good Son" looks at the war in Pakistan, and Robert Dugoni's "Wrongful Death" examines the complexities of the war in Iraq. Both are well written, and readers learn about both cultures while on serious roller-coaster rides.
0 #1 Dan Gordon 2010-08-22 15:17
Oline: Especially enjoyed this piece about mysteries and war. Will be looking for them when I get my new Kindle, any day now. I've always been a big fan of Alan Furst (am I the only one who thinks his voice sounds a lot like former Sun-Sentinel travel editor Thomas Swick?)and Philip Kerr's hardboiled series on German detective Bernie Gunther, which stretches from Weimar times to postwar Germany, Peronist Argentina and Mafia-ridden Havana. So far. Just beginning work on a novel. Last one stunk. As a copy editor, I should know. Hope to make it to next year's Florida mystery convention. Dan

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