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whalen nypdsfirstfiftyyearsA missing girl shakes up the NYPD

Murders in Memory Lane
Lawrence Block

It was an education

Murders in Memory Lane
Lawrence Block

I can remember two writers by name whose work I discovered in Scott’s slush pile. Charles Runyon was one; his first submission was a novel, and it looked to me like a natural for Gold Medal...

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MooreGraham TheSherlockian
When Graham Moore accepted his Oscar for The Imitation Game for best adapted screenplay, his speech wasn’t the usual thank you.

Instead, the 33-year-old screenwriter spoke of his bout with depression an

bettercallsaul1 odenkirk
First, if you have not watched Breaking Bad—and really, what are you waiting for?—get yourself to Netflix or On Demand or whatever and start binge-watching now.

Only after you’ve seen the entire five seasons of Walter White going from high school chemistry teacher to meth k

rotella theconvertssong
Fact and fiction often merge when journalists also write thrillers.

Sebastian Rotella has woven reality into his two excellent novels, The Convert’s Song, which came out December 2014, and his 2011 deb