Dennis Palumbo

palumbo phantomlimbA character’s phantom limb symptoms serve as a metaphor for the sense of absence we feel when a part of us is wrenched away.

D.E. Ireland

ireland deTake one witty play by George Bernard Shaw, two longtime friends and Anglophiles, and a passion for the Edwardian era. The end result? A new mystery series from Meg Mims and Sharon Pisacreta (aka D.E. Ireland).

Film & TV

nypd-blue-1993 franz and carusoA troubled protagonist, gritty language, and a pair of bare buns changed the way America viewed TV cop shows forever.

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jack irish
With all the holidays bearing down on us, many mystery fans are looking for those last minute gifts.

Books are always nice. Here’s a list of my picks for the year that has run in various newspapers

ravenoline mwa
The Raven Award, which is presented by the Mystery Writers of America, is one of my favorite awards.

And the reason is purely selfish. I had the honor of being presented this award in 2013, a thrill that never

duncan lois
Each year the Mystery Writers of America pick an author—sometimes two—to be named a Grand Master.

This isn’t some random title but an honor to recognize those authors who have made contributions