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Recently, Mary Kennedy spoke with Carolyn Hart (Death on Demand series) and Donald Bain, (Murder, She Wrote series) for Mystery Scene about creating long-running characters, complex and appealing enough to stand the test of time.

Writers on Reading
Ace Atkins

Ace AtkinsNot only was he one of the best crime writers of all time, he was—no matter the year—the hippest.

Author Essay
Steve Hockensmith

hockensmith_steve"I know it’s probably coming a bit late to be of any use to you, but here’s a little trick I’ve picked up: It’s easy to fake your way through a book report. And you don’t even need Cliff’s Notes to do it."

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Ngaio Marsh is considered to be one of the four “Queens of Crime”—women mystery writers who dominated the genre in the 1920 and 1930s.

Marsh, along with the other “queens,” Agatha Christie, Dorothy


(Mystery Scene will be taking an occasional look at new, small publishers. Today, we look at Polis)

Jason Pinter knew he wanted to a part of the publishing industry—even before he knew

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So often, novels are so visual that they seem to be a natural fit for a film.

Not that I think being made into a film is the ultimate compliment for an author. For me, a book that forc